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Big dentist

Big dentist

Big dentist

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    Big dentist
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    One shot 147
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    Woske Novel
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2022-05-26 20:43:53
In 2108, the old dentist fell in love with a technology online game called "real life", and found that the "it" of the soul state could shuttle freely between 2011 and 2085, so he started the dental treatment plan of the historical celebrities of his super dental technology for example, he gave Zhou Jianke, a world-famous architect of printed architecture born in 2066, a "painless suturing operation on all teeth"... another example: he gave Wang Quan, a master in the field of freezing chamber dormancy technology born in 2036, a "seamless care for bucktooth removal". Therefore, our protagonist Ding Chen will make mankind live longer and healthier in the future. In a word: good teeth, delicious food, If you eat it, you will live a long life

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