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Sword shadow I sword of death

Sword shadow I sword of death

Sword shadow I sword of death

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    Sword shadow I sword of death
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    South Gate WLZ
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    Sky Book
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2022-05-29 02:44:01
It is said that there are seven holy swords with nine stars thirteen years ago, the God of death sacrificed blood to the imperial palace of the southern kingdom, and the souls of more than 300 people became sacrifices of the sword of the God of death... thirteen years later, the God of death and the new host returned with the holy sword in the Western Regions, making the world shrouded in the shadow of demons from the abyss again... in order to prevent repeating the mistakes and save all innocent lives, all Jianghu sects put down their past gratitude and resentment and rushed to the western regions hand in hand the descendant of the sword of the natural God, Su Guigu, who retired from Jinghu mountain 30 years ago, has two disciples, Tan Jingrui and Xu pingtian, their fate has changed... Tan Jingrui, the "three stone sword saint", has many past stories< As like as two peas, br> held the necklace on the pure and clear rhombohedral crystal, and kept silent... thought of his lover... every time he sat under the tree surrounded by three stones, remembered her master... looked at his nephew's face as if it were the same as his father. < br> thought of his brother... , "the most grievous thing in the world is that you have lost everything you owned, but you still have to live." Br > they used to be brothers, but their fate is different.

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